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'Through a fragmentary, darkly humorous prose, Bernstein seizes on some of contemporary literature’s most familiar themes and subverts them to startling ends.'

Thrilled to read this review of @coeurdelilas' THE COMING BAD DAYS in @theskinnymag:

‘It’s a world where catastrophe isn’t a one off, it’s ongoing.’

Another wonderful event celebrating THE COMING BAD DAYS! Thanks to @coeurdelilas, Christina Neuwirth and @Lighthousebks and everyone attending. Great questions too.

Such a thrill to be 'at' @coeurdelilas's book launch, learning more about her debut novel 'The Coming Bad Days' 📚 Fantastic discussion so far with Christina Neuwirth about opacity, care & the marketisation of care, naming and using narrative to make sense of the world...