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@blgtylr doing what he does so brilliantly- he writes about characters who are vulnerable, at variance to others and in situations of tenderness, difficulty & pain. His attentiveness to their inner world & the complicated feelings between people is exquisite. @DauntBooksPub

Despairing of the state of the world? Bhanu Kapil on Julietta Singh's 'The Breaks': ‘If a book can be a hole cut in the side of an existence, in order to escape it . . . then this is that book.’

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The late great Lauren Berlant wrote of Julietta Singh's 'The Breaks': 'Amazing – I read the whole thing through in one sitting. It’s got the heft & staying power of Baldwin’s 'A Letter to My Nephew'. Going to press today, pre-order from @DauntBooksPub: