Dive into Cassandra at the Wedding

‘I knew now that if I could put the other half of the orange juice into the blender with another raw egg and a fair dollop of vodka I might become the woman I am, at least the one I had to be for this present occasion.’

Cassandra at the Wedding opens with Cassandra Edwards contemplating the bright exit sign of the Golden Gate Bridge. Her beloved identical twin Judith is getting married, and Cassandra’s been summoned to the family ranch for the wedding.

Cassandra’s feelings about marriage are complicated, but Judith’s invitation is one she cannot refuse, particularly as the bride’s only attendant. So off she sets, armed with a clutch bag full of pills, a new dress, and a conviction that only she can make Judith call the wedding off.

Stopping at a bar on the long drive home, looking at her reflection in a blue mirror, it is Judith’s face that Cassandra recognises. She sees the pair of them as two halves of a whole. Without Judith, who and how will she be?

This stylish modern classic explores timely issues of identity and its relationship to family ties with great clarity, empathy and humour. In Cassandra, Baker has created a fiercely intelligent, witty and lost character, whose cool voice provides a refreshing respite from the searing Californian heat, and remains with you long after turning the page.