The Dry Heart | Natalia Ginzburg

The Dry Heart


Translated from Italian by Frances Frenaye

Published Summer 2021
ISBN: 9781911547600
Format: Paperback

Also available as an eBook:

‘This book is a Roman candle – quick and explosive.’ –New York Times

The Dry Heart begins and ends with the matter-of-fact pronouncement: ‘I shot him between the eyes.’

As the tale – a plunge into the chilly waters of loneliness, desperation, and revenge – proceeds, the narrator’s murder of her flighty husband takes on a certain logical inevitability.

Stripped of any preciousness or sentimentality, Natalia Ginzburg’s writing here is white-hot, tempered by rage. She transforms the unhappy tale of an ordinary dull marriage into a rich psychological thriller that seems to beg the question: why don’t more wives kill their husbands?

‘The Dry Heart is by far Ginzburg’s strangest work of fiction. . . Short enough to read in one sitting, it’s a feminist classic that exposes the dark side of marriage in clean, captivating prose.’ –Chicago Tribune

‘One of the great Italian writers of the 20th Century…[her] books snare so much of what is odd and lovely and fleeting in the world.’ –Parul Sehgal, New York Times

Ginzburg gives us a new template for the female voice and an idea of what it might sound like.’ –Rachel Cusk

‘Her prose style is deceptively simple and very complex. Its effect on the reader is both calming and thrilling – that’s not so easy to do.’ –Deborah Levy