Ride a Cockhorse | Raymond Kennedy

Ride a Cockhorse


Published June 2021
ISBN: 9781911547785
Format: Paperback

Also available as an eBook:

A rollicking satire of the 1987 financial crash with an antiheroine you’ll never forget.

A revolution is under way at a once sleepy New England bank. Forty-five-year-old Frances Fitzgibbons has gone from sweet-tempered loan officer to insatiable force of nature almost overnight. Suddenly she’s brazenly seducing a high-schooler, taking over her boss’s office, firing anyone who crosses her, inspiring populist fervour, and publicly announcing plans to crush her local rivals en route to dominating the state’s entire banking industry.

The terrifying new order instituted by Frankie and her offbeat goon squad (led by her devoted hairdresser and including her own son-in-law) is an awesome spectacle to behold.

‘Perhaps the funniest American novel since John Kennedy Toole’s prize winner, A Confederacy of Dunces.’ – Newsweek

‘She is, clearly, monstrous and manipulative, enjoying an almost sexual thrill when she fires people or makes them subservient to her will; but she sure as hell lights the story up (she is the story, of course) and we are, naturally, goggle-eyed to see what she’ll get up to next.’ – Guardian

‘Kennedy is a master storyteller.’ – Raymond Carver